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By Series Angle Seat Valves

By Series Angle Seat Valves

Angle Seat Valves

  • Durability with steam is higher than ball valve.
  • Smooth flow of fluid is realized.
  • Gland structure by know how of high temperature and high pressure valve manufacturing.
  • Stable seat performance is realized by caulking method disc packing.

Overview of Basic Structure

The actuator acan rotate 360°, the direction of the operating pressure supply port can be adjusted.

To prevent scratches, the planar part for spanners is not installed on the actuator.

Please hold and rotated the actuator with both hands.

Selection of Valve Type

Please select when fluid is steam or gas. The actuator size can be suppressed compactly and cost reduction is possible. If the fluid is liquid, please be aware that a water hammer may occur when the valve is closed and surrounding equipment may be damaged.

Please select when fluid is liquid. It is also available for steam or gas.

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