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Connecting with the world through manufacturing
The evolution of technology is Fujikin's history itself

Kojima Shoten was founded by Junji Kojima in Minato-ku, Osaka.
The Shigino Plant in Joto Ward, Osaka was acquired and operations were launched. Fujikin started selling products under the Carp Trademark.
Fujikin developed its first patented product, the Needle Valve. This was the year that marked the emergence of Fujikin as an industry leader.
Fujikin's ultra high precision products have been deeply involved in the remarkable progress of Japan's space exploration technology.
Fujikin's ultra-precision valves have played a role in the remarkable progress of space exploration.
Since the development of its first patented product, the Needle Valve, Fujikin has made countless techonlogical innovations. In 1978, the MINUCON® pneumatic control valve was developed, offering precise flow control up to 1/10th of a tear.
A fine ceramic valve called the Cosmix™ was jointly developed with the Kyocera Corporation. This revolutionary product was a sensational hit in the industrial world and won numerous awards in Japan and America.
For the production of ultra high purity products for the Semiconductor industry, a Class 1 ultra super cleanroom was completed and opened at the Osaka Kashiwara plant.
Utilizing our ultra precise flow control and advanced environmental control technology, Fujikin successfully completed the world's first complete cultivation of sturgeon (Caviar fish) in a water tank.
Fujikin Singapore Pte Ltd was established in 2010 to cater to the Southeast Asia market.
With the development of various high pressure valves for Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCV) loading, Fujikin has had an increasing role in the production, transportation and storage of hydrogen.
Fujikin Carp Group celebrated the 88th Anniversary
Fujikin Singapore celebrated the 8th Anniversary.