Fujikin Singapore

Fujikin Singapore
Semi Conductor Industry
General Industry ( Oil & Gas, Chemical & Petrochemical )
General Industry ( Power Plant )
Pharmaceutical Industry

Product Catalogues

Fujikin has developed a line of products for various applications, from semiconductor, oil & gas, chemical & petrochemical, power plant & others (pulp & paper, marine, alternative energy and more), bio-pharma and food & beverage. To extend Fujikin's services and offerings overseas, Carten Controls Ltd. (CCL), acquired in 1990, is an Irish precision valve company located in Waterford, Ireland and manufactures valves of sizes up to 12 inches and more for the global market. TK-Fujikin (TKF), acquired in 2009, is a South Korean manufacturer of valves, fittings and regulators that complements Fujikin's own line of products.

  • Semiconductor Industry
  • General Industry (Oil & Power Plant & Others)
  • Bio-Pharma, Food & Beverage Industry