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High-Pressure Products Applications

High-Pressure Products Applications

High-Pressure Products Applications
1. Control Valve
2. Shut-off Valve
3. High Pressure Manual Valve
4. Check Valve - Filter
5. Fittings

1. Control Valve

Control Valve
Parts Materials
Body SUS316+Co base alloy
Seat SUS316+Co base alloy
Stem SUS316+Co base alloy
Gland Packing PVDF+PFA
Packing Gland Brush SUS304

Fujikin Control valve was developed especially for meeting the specifications for the hydrogen station. Various developments such as:

  • Consideration of material.
  • The development of valve anticipating the revising of regulations.
  • The development of control valve that can apply to communications fuelling for the reduction of fuelling time to the vehicle.
  • The development of tube fitting and auto welding which has improved its reliability and maintainability.
  • Fujikin has achieved to develop a compact model valve, and the improvement of maintainability by conducting evaluations.
Control Valve
Cv Value Menu
Rated Cv Value (Max) Range Ability Characteristics
0.25 100:1 EQ% or Linear

Excellent Flow controllability

Accessories for Automatic Valve

Regulators with filter


1. Regulating required air supply pressure for flow control valve

Makers SSS Co., Ltd.
Model No. XR-108
Specifications Air Connecting Port Rc1/4 (Pressure Gauge: Rc1/8)
Filter Element Polyprene bonded material
Element: 5 µm
Max Supply Pressure 0.9 MPa
Weight 0.26 Kg
Regulators with Filter

Solenoid Valve

Explosion Proof Construction Item Numbers Types Makers Features
  • Pressure-resistant & Explosion Proof Type
  • Outdoor Prevention Drop IP67
  • Changerble by manual operation
  • Various Explosion Proof Standard
Ex e mb IIC WBLPG551A005MS Direct Mount Type 3-Way ASCO JAPAN CP., LTD
  • Safety & Resin Filling Explosion Proof Type
  • Hydrogen Explosion Proof Type Ex e mn IIC.
  • Outdoor Prevention Drop IP67
  • Applicable to Manifold Type
WBLPG551A017MS Direct Mount Type 4-Way
WBLPG551A001MS NAMUR Type 3,4-Way
Ex ia IIC T4 CFSCISG551C505MO Direct Mount Type 3-Way ASCO JAPAN CP., LTD
  • Instrinsically Safe Explosion Proof Type
  • Hydrogen Explosion Proof Type Ex ia IIC T4.
  • Outdoor Prevention Drop IP67
  • Certain operation by spring return Type
CFSCISG551C517MO Direct Mount Type 4-Way
CFSCISG551C501MO NAMUR Type 3,4-Way

*When ordering, please specify explosion-proof construction and power supply specification.

Solenoid Valves Solenoid Valves

Proximity switch, controller


1. Output electrical signals indicating open or close status of valves.
2. Use a two wire DC system to allow for long distance wiring highly resistant to noise.

Makers Model No. IDEC Corporation Explosion-proof Construction
Proximity switch Bi2-G12-Y1 ExiaIICT6
Controller IM1-12EX-R [Exia]IIC
Automatic Valve

Explosion proof accessories for Positioner

Automatic Valve

Intrinsially Safe Explosion Proof Barrer for E32M3 Series

Makers Model No. Explosion-proof Construction
P & F KFD2-SCD-Ex1.LK Exia IIC

Cable Gland for E53M3 (Explosion Proof) Series

Makers Model No. Explosion-proof Construction Connecting Threads
Shimada Elctric Co., Ltd EXBM-16R-* Exd IIC 1/2 NPT

*Please let us know the outer diameter of the cable to be used.

E53M3 (Explosion Proof) Electrical Wiring Closure Plug

Makers Model No. Connecting Threads
Shimada Elctric Co., Ltd SBP-16-1/2NPT 1/2 NPT

(2) Shut-off Valve

Shut-off Valve (High Cv Value Type)

99.9 MPa Shut-off Valves (High Cv Value Type)

Parts Materials
Body SUS316+Co base alloy
Disc SUH660
Gland Packing PVDF+PFA
Actuator A5056 (amongst others)


  • Full-bore type [accommodates port diameter equal to or greater than the inner diameter of 14.2 (40,000psi) size (ø6.35)]
  • No usage restrictions on flow direction and differential Pressure
  • Connection: Cone and Thread Fitting.

Shut-off Valve (Low temperature type)

Shut-off Valve (Low temperature type)
Parts Materials
Body XM 19
Disc SUH660
Actuator A5056 (amongst others)


  • Valve for Hydrogen station uses
  • Design Pressure: 99.9 MPa
  • Design Temperature: 253 to 50°C
  • Japan Technology award 2019

(3) High Pressure Manual Valve

99.9 MPa Compact Manual Valves (Needle Valves)

60,000 psi Type(Nominal Diameter:6.35,9.52)
40,000 psi Type(Nominal Diameter:14.2)

High Pressure Manual Valve
Parts Materials
Body SUS316+Co base alloy
Disc SUH660
Stem SUS316
Gland Packing PVDF+PFA
Gland Nut SUS316
Handle ADC12


  • Compact and with Durable Manual Valves
  • With Lock Nut

(4) Check Valve

99.9 MPa Line Check Valves

60,000 psi Type (40,000 psi Type can also be manufactured.)

Check Valve
Parts Materials
Body A SUS316+Co base alloy
Body B SUS316+Co base alloy
Disc SUS316
Spring SUS316


  • Compact, in line type
  • Little pressure drop due to optimal flow pass


Design Pressure 50MPa
Design Temperature 85°C
Fluid Temperature Range -40 to +85°C
Cracking Pressure Max of 6.86 kPa
Range of Use Differential Pressure (Counter Pressure) Min of 10 MPa

(5) High Pressure Fittings (UPG)

High Performance Metal Gasket Fittings for Ultra High Pressure Hydrogen Gas

High Pressure Fittings
Parts Materials
Body SUS316+Co base alloy
Nut ASTM A276 316
Collar ASTM A276 316
*For Norminal diameter 14.2, we uses JIS-compliant materials


1. Excellent Air Tightness
  • The unique seal structure realizes excellent airtightness.
  • Metal gasket type with small load on pressure resistant parts even when detaching is repeated.
2. Excellent Installation and Operability/Removing
  • No need for an axial space for detaching the device.
  • Construction instructions include rotation control and overtightening prevention mechanism.
  • Compared to coned and threaded joint, construction with low torque can be done.

Creativity of UPG High Pressure Fittings

3. Excellent Scalability
  • Excellent vibration proof is achieved by separating the part to be sealed and the part receiving the external force.
  • Lineup includes two pressure series: 95 MPa and 50 MPa
UPG High Pressure Fittings
No. Items Existing Technology Cone & Thread Fittings Existing Technology Metal Gasket Fittings for Semiconductors Metal Gasket Fittings for Ultra High-Pressure Hydrogen Gas
1 Seal Performance
( 82MPa )
ᐃ 99.9MPA Specification
However, it is affected by the construction performance and sealing in unstable
ᐃ 21.5MPa Specification ⵔ 95MPa Specification Optimum value to maintain pressure ressistance comes from the coefficient of the fitting's inner diameter, diameter of the sealing surface protuberance and the gasket's inner/outer diameter, the sealing portion was devised.
2 Pressure Resistance
( 82MPa × 1.5 )
× (Diagram 4)
The seal begins to separate from the gasket at 41MPa
ⵔ (Diagram 5)
3 Construction Performance ×
Tube threading and additional work on the tip is required

Additional processing is not required on the fitting parts

Same as left
4 Measures to prevent tubing circulation during construction ×
No co-rotation countermeasure

A ball bearing is inserted in the nut, however it is unsuitable for the high load and corrosion resistance required in outdoor use

The nut's bearing is changed to a thrust bearing, which improves the high load and corrosion ressistance
5 Attachment / Detachment Durability ×
Repeated attaching / detaching and the sealing surface deteriorates

When replacing the gasket, the health of the sealing surface in maintained

Same as left
6 Removability ×
Space is required to remove the tube during attachment / detachment

Space is not required for attachment / detachment

Same as left
7 Vibration Ressistance
Vibration resistance is supported by additional parts ( Diagram 6 )

Vibration ressistance is a standard specification

Same as left
( Diagram 7 )
8 Material's Hydrogen Resistance
Body is Ni, equivalent speficiation SUS316 tube is not supported

Ni equivalent specification not supported

Ni equivalent specification is a standard specification

Assessment results       ⵔ : Excellent     ᐃ : Slightly Inferior     × : Inferior

◼ Construction

◼ Removability

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