Company Profile

Land-Sea-Air. Fujikin’s flow-control technology is the cutting edge in every realm.

Renowned as a specialized valve manufacturer, Fujikin Incorporated is, in fact, the most successful ultra precision flow control systems manufacturer in the world. On land, in the sea or in the air, when extreme conditions demand extreme solutions, Fujikin’s cutting edge technologies provide leverage in harsh environments. Eyeing future developments in cutting-edge technologies, Fujikin plans to deploy advanced technology and ICT (Information Communication Technology) in such fields as macromolecular chemistry, biotechnology, new energy, ecology, micro-machines, nano-pico technologies, medical engineering, as well as new materials.

Precision Valves for semiconductors
Japan boasts some of the most advanced semiconductor technologies in the world. The semiconductor manufacturing process is characterized by the need to eliminate ultra microscopic particles and the precise control of ultra low volume gas flow. Our Ultra Pure Valves are manufactured, assembled and tested within an Ultra Super Cleanroom that boasts world class sanitation standards. With zero tolerance for particles and oil contamination, the Ultra Super Cleanroom guarantees not only the quality, but purity of our products.

Ultra Precision Valve for Space Exploration
In 1976, Fujikin was recognized as the first manufacturer in Japan to produce valve products for space exploration. Since then, Fujikin has thoroughly demonstrated its capability as a pioneer of space technology. Our highly specialized products achieve the precise flow control of the rocket fuel and gases required for life support systems. Fujikin has accomplished a delivery record of over 5,000 items for the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) at Tanegashima Space center. In the summer of 1992, Japan’s first two ton class geosynchronous satellite VI was launched with a Fujikin product on board. Later, on a Space Shuttle “Endeavor” mission, Mamoru Mohri used a Fujikin product in research examining how carp adapt to space. Ms. Chiaki Mukai, the first Japanese female astronaut aboard the Space Shuttle “Columbia”, successfully conducted a series of tests on IML-2 (Second International Microgravity Laboratory using Fujikin’s liquid flow-control technologies.

Valves for nuclear power plant instrumentation
Fujikin’s technologies greatly contribute to the energy development. Approximately 25% of Japan’s total energy consumption is supplied by the nuclear power, an essential domestic energy source. Nuclear power plants require advanced technologies and equipment such as valves for instrumentation. In cryogenics, fusion, and energy storage, our ultra precision flow control systems have been deployed as liquefied gas controllers for superconducting systems within nuclear magnetic tomography.

Specialized Valves for Petrochemical plants
Chemical synthesis has allowed humans to create substances that are not found in the natural world. Fujikin’s specific-purpose valves and cryogenic technology are utilized worldwide in the chemical complexes that produce these important chemical products. Because our low-temperature, flow-control system equipment boasts zero-leak capacity, it is an essential component of petrochemical and liquid natural gas plants. Our products serve not only in production but also in the reduction of harmful plant emissions with flow-control system equipment made of fine ceramics, which play a key role in anti-pollution measures.

Aseptic process valve for medical and food processing applications
Genetic research and the decoding of the human genome have accelerated the development of increasingly sophisticated medical and food products. At the same time, concerns remain over the safety of new drugs and the environmental side effects of genetically modified food. The technology standard demanded in the production process for eco-friendly medical and food products is becoming stricter every year. Fujikin’s soft diaphragm valve is widely used to prevent contamination during the process of manufacturing medical and food products.

Valves for New Energy & Rechargeable Batteries
As photovoltaic power generation and fuel cell batteries gain popularity, flow control equipment is invaluable, especially in the area of fuel cell batteries, where arrays of hyper-pressure 110 MPa hydrogen valves contribute to the fuel cell automotive infrastructure. We have also developed valves for lithium-ion battery production. These valves incorporate Fujikin’s acquired knowledge from rockets, semiconductors, pharmaceutical and food processes.

Fluid Dynamics Control Systems for Oceanic Research
Seatopia is a Japanese ocean exploration project that seeks to carry out research into the development of basic deep-sea technologies and also study ocean resources. Submersible research vehicles such as the Shinkai 2000 and the Shinkai 6500 are used for field observation, while the Kaiyou is a laboratory ship used for experiments. Under the harsh conditions of the ocean’s depths, Fujikin demonstrates its capabilities in the area of purpose-built valves and ultra-precise flow-control system equipment